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Hey dear organizers, promoters, fans and journalists!

Here you'll find all the performances we have played in this formation. The band was founded by Tommy in August 2019. We had our first gig on 22.09.2019.

Scat Club - First Friday, Biel
LUZ - Honky Tonk Festival, Luzern
Restaurant Marktplatz - Honky Tonk Festival, St. Gallen
Country Circle (Festival), Bad Ischl (AUT)
Restaurant Rössli feat. Nico Brina & The Matterhornz, Uetendorf
Int. Trucker & Country Festival feat. The Matterhornz, Interlaken

Brasserie 17, Interlaken

Lindbergh Pub, Sissach

Private Gig - Wedding, Grindelwald First

Screwdriver Bar, Langenthal

Caesars Peak, Alterswil

2x BEA @ Tennessee Music Hall, Bern (with The JB Ramblers Friday & Saturday Evening Show 

BEA @ Tennessee Music Hall, Bern (Sunday noon Show)

Top of Buchs, Buchs (ZH)

Corporate Gig for the Canton of Berne, Wangen an der Aare

Ride West, Alterswil

Hotel Krone (Taco & Sound), Thun

Schützi Open Air, Fahrwangen (with The Fishnet Stockings)

COOP Open Air Cinema, Arbon (Rock'n'Roll Concert before the movie "ELVIS" with Austin Butler and Tom Hanks)

Open Air Jazz & more, Büren a. A. (feat. The Matterhornz)

Private Gig - Wedding, Berneck

Corporate Gig for a master class ceremony, Bern

HESO @ Tennessee Music Hall, Solothurn

Mahogany Hall, Bern - Tommy as special Guest with "The Repeatles"

Backstage Rockcafé, Konstanz (GER)

Corporate Gig for ISP Electro Solutions, Nidau

Private Gig - Birthday, Wangen a. Aare

Int. Country Music Hall of Fame of Switzerland, Oberhofen

Old Factory Lounge, Wasen

Red Grizzly Saloon, Bülach

Truube, Langenthal

Thurbinä, Winterthur

Beer O' Clock, Neuchâtel

Beer O' Clock, Biel/Bienne

50's Rocket Festival, Zofingen (with acts like "The Jets" or "Pat Capocci")

Calanda Spring Festival @ Tom's Beer Box, Chur

BEA @ Tennessee Music Hall, Bern (feat. Manuel Schwab - Migi Stompers Linedancers)

BEA @ Tennessee Music Hall, Bern (feat. Amin Mokdad - Hillbilly Court)

Love Ride, Dübendorf 

Erlach Festival, Erlach (with acts like Frische Fische)

Lehner Cup, Sursee 

Private Gig - Wedding, Rapperswil-Jona

Babes Cruise #3, Rothrist

750 Jahre Weiach @ Tennessee Music Hall, Weiach (with The JB Ramblers)

750 Jahre Weiach @ Tennessee Music Hall, Weiach (with The B-Shakers)

HESO @ Tennessee Music Hall, Solothurn (start of the event)

HESO @ Tennessee Music Hall, Solothurn

3x Chor Projekt des Chor Rubigen & Bantiger, Rubigen (with Oliver Stöckli

Road Stop Café, Lohn-Ammannsegg

La petite Pinte, Farvagny

Feel Good Music Bistro, Grenchen (feat. Manuel Schwab)

Private Gig - Wedding, Koppigen

Spunte, Seedorf

Theaterfest - Rest. Vierte Wand, Berne

HESO @ Tennessee Music Hall, Solothurn

HESO @ Tennessee Music Hall, Solothurn

Gino's Kunstcafé, Wil (SG)

Mahogany Hall, Berne - Album Release-Party (feat. Manuel Schwab, Nicola Bernhard and Tim Heiniger)

Flora Bar, Wohlen (AG)

MOM's Place, Pratteln

Rest. zur Traube, Langenthal

Kuhstall, Schönried

Molo Bar, Lucerne

La Pinte, Farvagny

Les Amis, Berne

Babes Cruise #1, Rothrist

Mopar Nationals Meeting 2020, Lyssach

Zeughaus Kultur/Abusitz, Brig

Highspeed Music Bar, Binningen

Fifties Bar, Affeltrangen

Rockabilly Festival KUFA, Lyss

Private Gig - Birthday Party, Bärau

Feel Good Music Bistro, Grenchen

HESO @ Tennessee Music Hall, Solothurn

Backstage Rockcafé, Konstanz (GER)

O'Neills Pub, Basel

O'Neills Pub, Basel

Heaven Music Club, Balterswil

Private Gig, Ittigen - Fire departement

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