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Once TOMMY ROMERO gets going, you can dance until the floorboard bends! Whether Rock'n'Roll classics from Chuck Berry to Elvis Presley, the guys have it all! Also, cheeky Rockabilly covers let themselves be heard with pleasure. But that's not enough! The gentlemen give everything for their audience and write their own songs, so that the concert becomes a perfect experience! Young guys like them are always welcome. So TOMMY ROMERO played already at some famous festivals in Switzerland. They played even in Germany! In November 2021 their debut album with exclusively self-composed songs was released. The mix of rock'n'roll, rock and 60's pop, makes everybody dance. Now TOMMY ROMERO is releasing new singles.



Jealous Man  (our newest single - 60's Sound, ballad / romantic)

booking teaser - modern rock'n'roll


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