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RideWest Festival - Alterswil

friday, 07. jul. 2023

7.30 PM

On a wonderful Festival with some great artists from Switzerland.

We are the opener for The Hillbilly Dungarees Revelation and for our friend Skinny Jim Tennessee.

More good stuff to know is here!


Hotel Krone - Thun

Wednesday, 26. jul. 2023

6.00 PM

Wednesday evening and plenty to celebrate. On the beautiful terrace next to the river Aare of the Hotel Krone in Thun, we treat you to our Rock'n'Roll sound. The hotel kitchen serves delicious tacos!


SATURday, 29. jul. 2023

8.00 PM

This could be the coolest gig in 2023! It's movie time, it's time for Rock'n'Roll. We have the honor to play a set before the movie starts.

Come to see us live and the living legends Austin Butler and Tom Hanks in the movie ELVIS!

Tickets are here available.


openair jazz & more - büren

friday, 18. Aug. 2023

8.00 PM

A beautiful village with a monster Festival. Keep your hands up for our hornsection "The Matterhornz".

We love to open this evening for "Blues in the Shoes"!

Private Gig - Wedding

saturday, 02. sept. 2023

69.69 PM

We love to play weddings! Cause it's a pleasure to support this feeling called Love with our young and fresh Rock'n'Roll sound!


corporate EVENT

frIday, 22. sept. 2023

69.69 PM

A ceremony for a masterclass.

Backstage - konstanz (ger)

Friday, 27. oct. 2023

9.00 PM

Again in Germany! We're happy to be back at this lovely Place. Hope to see y'all out there in Constance.

Tickets here

xmas tree

REBLEUTEN - Oberhofen

Friday, 15. Dec. 2023

8.00 PM

We play a Christmas Rock'n'Roll Show in the legendary Country Music Hall of Fame of Switzerland!

See you at the wonderful lake of Thun.

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