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Honky Tonk Festival - Luzern

Friday, 08. Mar. 2024

8.00 PM

The best kind of festival. Let's enjoy a lot of Bands all around the sweet town of Lucerne. And of course a lot of Rock'n'Roll at the lovely LUZ. Next to the train station.

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Honky Tonk Fest. - St. Gallen

Saturday, 27. Apr. 2024

8.00 PM

St. Gallen here we come! 

Honky Tonk - the kind of Festival with a lot of bands and little time.

Hope to see you at Restaurant Marktplatz!

Rössli - uetendorf

Friday, 31. may 2024

8.00 PM

Rock'n'Roll sound from young Bernese band featuring their horn section, The Matterhornz. Tommy Romero brings a fresh take on Rock'n'Roll with classic flair, emerging as a rising sensation. Nico Brina, the Guinness World Record-holding Boogie Woogie pianist, celebrates his 40th stage anniversary, showcasing his unique talent.


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Trucker Festival - interlaken

Saturday, 29. Jun. 2024

02.30 PM

With our Hornsection, The Matterhornz, we electrify the dustiest and most dangerous spot – the authentic Western City. Join us for a wild ride, where colt-holding cowboys and lively CanCan-Girls converge, creating a musical spectacle.

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Street Rock - Albligen

Saturday, 06. Jul. 2024

02.00 PM

Meeting in a beautiful village not so far away from our hometown. With another Band we bring you joy to this afternoon. Enjoy good music, tasty food and a lot of fresh drinks.

car meet

eisenwerk - frauenfeld

thursday, 08. aug. 2024

08.00 PM

It's summertime! So they created the "Sommerloch Festival". Looking forward to be the first act of this years edition!

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