Lehner cup - Sursee

saturday, 20. aug 2022

4.45 PM

One of the coolest Ice Hockey events in Switzerland. We're playing one hour before the last game starts (SCL Tiger vs. HC Ambri-Piotta) and one big set at the end of it.


Also our Hornsection will be there. Thanks to Manuel Schwab and Felix Grandjean


private party

saturday, 03. sep 2022

69.69 pm

Wedding gig.

Babes Cruise - Rothrist

Sunday, 04. Sept. 2022

12.30 PM


The Rocket Babes made their own Festival called "Babes Cruise". A lovely festival with nice people and bands like The Rockabilly Bones.

Come and catch us live!

car meet

Grizzly Saloon - Weiach

Friday, 09. Sep. 2022

69.69 PM

The legenedary Grizzly Saloon is on a big Festival. 750 Jahre Weiach! You better watch out, big names are in town.

Grizzly Saloon - Weiach

Saturday, 10. sep. 2022

69.69 pm

The second day on "750 Jahre Weiach". Come to see and spend the night with us.


Blocked dates

saturday, 24. sep. 2022 - sunday, 03. oct. 2022

69.69 PM

blocked for a Festival in Solothurn.

Halloween party - sursee

Saturday, 29. oct. 2022

69.69 PM

Halloween and Rock'n'Roll? That fits like... (ehm) everything that matches!

Time Out by Hager's will get you in the right mood with some decoration.

xmas tree

Road Stop Café - Lohn-Amman.

Saturday, 03. DEZ. 2022

8.00 PM

We can play at the 50's style Diner just around the corner in Lohn-Ammannsegg.

Come an celebrate with us!

Brasserie 17 - Interlaken

Thursday, 05. Jan. 2023

9.15 PM

Start with us almost into the first weekend in 2023. How cool is that?! See you all in the lovely Bernese Highland.