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partners in crime


Striker Food are the owner of the legendary Red Grizzly Saloon. Western feeling with Tommy Romero on stage - that's the perfect match!

Enjoy delicious food and the best beers on earth.

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Marco Ascone is a cooking god from Bern.

With his food, he charms people, like we do with our music. And if you book us together - you will have an unforgettable symphony and your party is guaranteed to be the number one!

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We are very happy that the Burgergemeinde Bern supports us by our first CD! According to the motto "Everybody's Watchin" they couldn't take your eyes off us either.

Thank you very much!


A bank that we trust! Tommy has been a customer with you for a long time and that has "paid off".

Valiant Bank (Zollikofen) is supporting us for our first album!

Thank you very much!


These guys made it happen!

Because of them we can introduce our first album "Everybody's Watchin". A cool studio with living room feeling and great live sound!
We thank you for the collaboration and everything these guys made for us!


One of our best sponsors for our first album "Everybody's Watchin'". We are so happy to work with him. And if you live near Bern and are renovating your house. Check out his website. We're sure he'll help you get rid of the stuff you don't need anymore.


A lovely location in the heart of the beautiful Emmental. Check them out! They got their one Gin - one of Tommys favorites!

We could also shoot our new pics and vids there!

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