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Tommy Romero

CH-3110 Münsingen




General Enquiries & Fan Shop Orders
For general enquiries, please use the form on our "Contact" page.
For orders from our Fan Shop, please send an email using the same contact form and note down the article that you wish to order under "Message". We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with respect to delivery times and costs, payment methods etc.


Please find below the legal terms and conditions that have now become a necessity in many countries. Such is the result of 2 million years of evolution. Or is Eve to blame?


General Liability
The contents of Tommy Romero's websites are reviewed on a regular basis. Nevertheless, Tommy Romero cannot guarantee that the information published is at all times up to date, complete or accurate. The contents published are not to be seen as recommendations or advice but only as information provided to our readers and fans.

Tommy Romero reserves the right to change or delete the contents, or remove them from the website for a certain period, without prior notice. 
Tommy Romero is not liable for damages, both tangible and intangible, arising from the use, lack of use or misuse of the published contents, as well as those arising from technical issues.


References and Links

Tommy Romero refers and links to offers and websites provided by third parties. Access and use of these websites is at the user's own risk. Tommy Romero has no influence on the design and content of these websites. The responsibility for those pages is entirely that of the third party. Even though we like to party.

Should you find unacceptable content on a page that we have linked to, we kindly ask that you print these pages, mark the appropriate section with a large black marker, burn the paper and bury the ashes in your backyard, taking care not to disturb the remains of the pet dog.


Protection of Privacy
According to Section 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the laws governing the Protection of Privacy, all persons have the right to protection of their privacy and to the protection from misuse of their personal data.

Tommy Romero adheres to these laws and principles. Personal data is treated with the strictest confidentiality and is neither forwarded nor sold to third parties.


Copyright Tommy Romero, 2023
The complete contents of Tommy Romero's website (Texts, Photos, Videos etc.) are copyrighted. No legal rights are transferred as a result of downloading or copying any of the contents. Not even if you sing our songs naked on the streets. Reproduction of all or part of the contents requires written permission in advance from the copyright owner. If this principle is not adhered to, we will find you.

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